Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weekend update

It is amazing to see the plants are lushing and growing. This months alone we have actually cut down our spending on vegetable. Most of it come straight from our garden. The best part is there are more coming. In my last few post I did mention about our Tomato Cherry and Zucchini. The tomatoes are looking great and I think we are going to have tomato dishes for the whole of next week. As for Zucchini got one fat one coming but this is the one that I did manual pollination to it. Contemplated whether should I eat it or save the seed. It looks like a good one.

In December last year I started my vege jungle expansion. Instead of using the small plant from the punnet, I actually sow from the seed. It is an experiment for me but so far it looks great. Plants are growing and it getting denser.

I did also mentioned about sowing using the toilet roll core. So here is the result for my seed sowing in the toilet roll core. It looks healthy and hopefully it will grow as a healthy plant.

Finally, I would like to welcome to few new comers to our vege jungle, the baby corn, capsicum, eggplant, butternut pumpkin, Zucchini (the long type), jalapeƱo chili and strawberries!. Very soon I can harvest them. I leave it to the pictures to do the talking. Enjoy!


  1. Hi Hafiz, I just discovered your blog, it's great! The photos are just lovely, I really like your toilet roll seedling :)

    Thanks for adding Mud Pie to your blog list, I really appreciate it.

  2. Thanks for dropping by Ali. I was actually inspired by your lettuce strawberry combination. I will definitely try it!