Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Outdoor sowing

Sowing plant from seed is much more difficult or rather thrilling for a newbie like me. I've been sowing plant in a small container and transfer it to the bed once it has grown but most of the time it did not make it. So I decided to sow straight on the plot. One thing about sowing on the plot is that it is kinda hard to differentiate between the one that you sow and the weed (not until you have some experience on sowing).So I have came up with this idea of tube sowing. What I did was I use the core of the toilet roll of paper towel roll as a container for this seed. Then I bury the 3/4 of the roll in the soil and fill up the inner roll with some potting mix or compost soil. Then I sow few seeds in each tube. To prevent the soil in the tube from being too dry I actually put the tube around big shady plant such as Zuchini or Pumpkin. By doing this sow in the tube it actually help to retain the moist in the soil, concentrate the soil nutrient to the seed and of course help you differentiate between the one that you sow and actual weed.  Over time this tube will just degrade and it will become part of the soil. You can also do this with any other container or tube that made out f cardboard such as tissue box, packing box and even Big Mac box. So think before you throw. Would this be useful for your garden?

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