Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New plot

My front yard is an uncharted territory. It is has a layer of sand on top of the bed. There are bunch of roses were planted by the previous tenant and I don't intent to take it out but I've been itching to plant some thing there. Right now I've planted Zucchini and pumpkin to provide a shady area for the bed so that I can sow something. Also I have few ginger plant and garlic. I've been planning to plant a lemon grass there as well. What do you reckon to be planted there?  


  1. Lemon grass is a good idea. In my neighbourhood I saw a gardener plant garlic and leek under her roses.

  2. Leek winter crop. Very cold hardy plant and maintenance free. No need to worry about pest.Just need a lot of sun.

  3. Ok will try to plant some leek at the front. It looks nice too though..