Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Lets work with nature

Rain is always potrayed as a dark gloomy day but for garderner it is a blessing as they can take time off from watering their garden. I always love rain because I can harvest the water and it give life to my newly sown seed. I usually schedule my sowing or planting a day before a rainy day so that the plant or seed will have a day to recover and grow. An overcast day is also good for newly planted plant. It acted like a huge shade for the plant. Likewise sunny day after the rain helps plant to bolt faster. To work with nature all you need to do is to observe your garden and learn the terrain. From there you can manipulate your surrounding so that it will work for you. So learn your climate season and plan your planting and sowing for the season. Some plant thrive during the rainy season and some plant love the sun. It is a free resource, learn how to use it and don't forget to harvest your water it helps on your water bill too you know.
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