Sunday, December 29, 2013


Ph: 7.0

Observation: chilli plant look like it is lack of iron deficiency and the four angle bean leave seems rather unhealthy for some part of it.  The rest of the plats looks fine but do not have that green color on their leaves. Fish looks healthy and active.

Action: to add some potassium sulfate and ferum to the system to top up the deficiency.

Aquaponic journal

It has been few un productive months for my aquaponic and few of my plants are not thriving as it ahould be. I have done few experiments and reasearch to identify what is the real problem. I have come into a conclusion that my aquaponic set is lack of potassium and iron. However, my conclusion is actually based only on my guts feeling. To ensure that my conclusion is correct I will keep track of my observation here and see what are the things that help plant to thrive in aquaponic.

To do that I shall record the water ph level reading, what was added or altered into the system and what are my observation. I shall start that in the next post.