Friday, January 7, 2011

Drinking cup Sustainable Pot

Gardening can be expensive when we keep spending on the gardening apparatus. If you are a vegetable gardener then you might want to consider the cheaper alternative because "look" is not your priority here. So I would like to share one of my sustainable pot that is made out of the take away drinking cup. You can use any size of cup as long as it is made out of biodegradable stuff such as paper. Why you may ask? it is because once the plant grow the root can easily break the paper to propagate. The waterproof inner-coating also helps to contain the water so that the moist in the soil will stay longer.

So what you need is a paper cup (preferably the tall one), Compost soil and fertilizer. 

Step 1: Cut few small holes at the bottom of the cup so that water and root can go through the cup. What I did was just cut a hole using a cutter at the sides of the bottom end of the cup.  

Step 2: Put is about half a cup of Compost soil and some slow release fertilizer. Shake the cup to distribute the fertilizer. If you want to start planting from seed then do not add the fertilizer. 

Step 3: Put in your plant (or seed) to your cup and then add more Compost soil into the cup until it is full.

Step 4: Dig a hole as deep as the cup and bury the cup and try to create a slope slanted around the cup mouth to help water flowing into the cup. Then water the cup and watch the plant grow. 

I use this method to plant on the soil that have low nutrition. By having this cup it helps to concentrate the fertilizer and the water to the root of the plant. This method also help to trap the moist in the soil longer. So give it a try and let me know what is your result! 

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