Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Companion Planting week : Eggplant & Basil

I love the idea of companion planting and the reason why I started gardening is because I learned the fact the right combination of plant can help each other in term of deterring pest, provides some sort of nutrient or to help cultivate the soil. Anyway, of all my companion planting experiences, the one that worked the most is planting basil plant side by side with eggplant. It helps to prevent aphids from attacking your eggplant. I did some experiment and found out that the one without basil plant is heavily infested with aphids while the one beside my basil plant don't even have a single Aphids. So that is my bit of companion planting for now. Happy planting everybody!

Like a perfect couples. It attract the bees while keeping away the aphids
Safely with basil

Infested with aphids!

They are going to eat my chill and garlic juice pretty soon..

For more info on companion planting please check out MKG

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

This is why I love rain

I'll let the picture do the talking.

P/s: the calendula, larkspur, nastrium and poppy was actually the seed from MKG.. thanks a lot!.. still trying to grow the evening sunflower.. the other day my daughter pluck the seedling.. :(
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Thursday, April 7, 2011

April Garden Update!

Wow it already have been half way through the semester and I barely have time to spend in the garden. Thanks to my wife who keep a look at the garden and It is still in a good shape. However, I did try to spend one or two hours in the garden on the weekend to tidy things up. We did uproot our corn, lettuce, broccoli and rockets because they have matured. But we do save the seed. Now we have plenty of seed and no more container to store the seeds. They are everywhere in the house. Anyway, here is some snapshot of what is going on in the garden.

though the strawberries are not that big but they constantly have fruits

This space use to have corn before but now Celery has taken over

Butternut pumpkin

We already harvest some of these eggplant and there are more coming

New look of our vege jungle. Out the old one and in the new.

Kangkung and chilli plant

Corriander and carrots pots for easy harvesting

Pumpkin plant at the end of the space and ginger at the side fence