Friday, December 31, 2010

Scorching hot!

It was 39 degree today and my vege patch got pounded by the sun. I woke up early and water my plant right before sunrise to minimise water evaporation. Got out in the afternoon and when i got back around 6 my plant is getting all dehydrated. So i water them to give a boost of life again. While watering I discovered that my brocolli has started to flower. I think in a week or two we can start enjoying a home grown brocolli. I am pretty excited and hope the catepillar don't start ruining our brocolli. Does anyone know how big is mini brocolli grows?
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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Fert day

I intend to keep a record of how many time did I use the fertilizer for my jungle patch so that I can conduct an observation on how frequent that I need to fertilize my jungle patch.

I did one round of fertilizing today using the Seasol liquid fertilizer .

I reckon that since my vegetable patch is quite dense it may need more dosage of fertilizer than the usual. So I'm planning to apply one a week instead of the recommended once every 2 weeks.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Warm week

After few days of raining (which i love) the weather is starting to get warm and sunny. I'm a bit nervous with my newly planted cabbage youngling. Hope they can adapt to their new environment fast. My dill plant is starting to dry out and i dont have a clue on what is going on. I know that dill consume a lot of water so what i did was i use a milk carton and cut holes at the bottom of the carton to make a bio degradable container. Then i transplant my dill into the milk carton container so that the water can be contain for the dill plant. Lets see what is the result in few more days.
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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Expanding the jungle

My first phase of Vege jungle

Expanding the jungle

I started my vegetable jungle about a month ago. I start with cos lettuce, mini brocolli, cabbage, carrot, spinach and capsicum. All from punnets that I bought from local gardening supply shop. Thanks to Allah that everything grows well despite of the catepillar problem here and there but i manage to overcome it without using any pestiside. I will share with you one how i did it in some other posting.

Having my vegetable grow has somehow outgrow others who was slow. So to help the late grower I transplant it to another new plot which I've already prepare it about 2 days ago. There are 2 reason why I move some of the plants, to provide space for this slow growing plant so that it could have all the nutrien without having to fight with its competition and to provide shade to the younglings.

Younglings under the protective shade cover
Water Spinach (Kangkung) was salvage from the excess stem. 
The whole concept of jungle is to have an ecosystem for the vegetable to help each other to grow. When the plot is bushy it provides shades which help to reduce the rate of evaporation of the soil hence it helps to sustain the moist in the plot. It also helps to stabilize the temperature of the soil which help to reduce the growth disturbance of plant. At the same time it helps the young plant and the newly sown seed to grow. At the end of the day we will have an on going growing plot which is self sustainable. However, my advise is please do consult with a companion planting guide on the placing of the plant itself.

You can get it from these links:

The purpose

This journal is created solely to record what I've learned throughout my gardening experience and at the same time share it with others who seek for more information about gardening. The information that I will be sharing will be more towards sustainable and reusing the unwanted household items for the benefits of the garden plot. I'll try to minimize the cost by reusing and try to make it as cheap as possible. 

Also this journal will have few experiments on the gardening which I hope would help others and myself to improve on doing the right thing in the future. Hopefully the information that I'll be sharing will be beneficial for others and myself. Of course suggestion and ideas will be most welcome.