Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Green thumb return

It has been a while since I last post on this blog and it has also been a while since I do my last serious gardening. Things has change a lot in this last few years. First I'm no longer in australia and that means I have to let go of the apartment. letting go of the apartment means letting go my vegi backyard. To cut the story short now I'm back to my apartment with a little balcony for me to do gardening. That is where problem comes in. I want to do gardening but no land to plant anything. Plus with my work right now I barely have time to take care of the plant except on weekends or holiday. Been searching for a solution for many months and I stumbled into Aquaponic. For those who dont know,  aquaponic is a system that combine both aquaculture and hydroponic. I study and researh aquaponic for quite sometime and run a pilot project at my mom's place and things looks pretty good. So over the weekend I went out for a shopping and get myself stuff to put togather my own aquaponic at my tiny little balcony. All system are fired up and it is now to start planting! So guys I'm back to business and it is good to be back!