Sunday, January 9, 2011

Update on jungle expansion 9 Jan 2011

In my earlier post I've mentioned to you about the expansion of my vegetable jungle. Today I would like to share with you on the progress that we have so far. The carrots seedling has grown and has gone through a thinning process. My plan is to spread the carrots once it has reach about 5 to 6 cm tall. Then my cabbage and cauliflower has grown but still fragile. Only one cauliflower plant has survived and the rest cannot bear the heat. Looking forward to my next expansion I have planted the pumpkin plant so that it could provide shades for the younglings and trap the moist so that the soil would not be so dry.

As for the other part of th jungle, white butterfly cabbage has started infesting the cabbage and brocolli plant with their army of catepillars. So i decided to sprinkel some Derris plant dust to my brassica plant so that it would stop the catepillars from munching my plant and the butterfly from deploying their new eggs.

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