Sunday, March 27, 2011

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Carrot that looks like a turnip

I've been very busy lately as semester has started. Got soo many thing to share with you guys but need to find time to update my blog. Anyway, as you all know in my previous post I mentioned about my forked carrots. Yesterday, I dig some carrot (which was among the first batch) from my garden and found out that it has a shape of a turnip. Shape does not really matter to me although it is quite difficult to deskin the carrot. I cut the carrot and use it in my cooking and it was the sweetest carrot i ever tasted. Got few more batches in my garden and hopefully it will look like a carrot.
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Saturday, March 5, 2011

A visit to the Garden World

Mum came over to Melbourne last month and we had a good visit to the Garden World in Springvale, Victoria. It was really an enjoyable visit to be honest with you. I would highly recommend that whoever come to Melbourne have a visit to the garden world. It is like the zoo for gardener. It has a variety of shops that sells rages of items from cactus to hydroponic watering system. I'm really bad on explaining my experience in words so I'll let my picture do the storytelling.. enjoy the pics!

This is actually a cactus that looks like a stone.

Love this cactus landscape

Feels like I'm in Mexico
Furry and weird shape cactus.
They create a cactus landscape in one warehouse.
I Malay this plant is called 'Periuk kera' which mean the Monkey's pot in english but looks like they  prefer much more modern name for this plant.
'This would be 'The' plant that I would like to have in my house.  I wanted to give a try just for the experience.

More plants that looks like a parade of trumpets.
Love the raise bed garden which is just outside of the shops and the wall is made out of recycle plastic from the printer cartridge.
A must stop place for gardener who come down to Melbourne
Plenty of beautiful flowers too! but I'm more into vege though.
Tonnes of seeds variety.
While waiting my daughter was busy playing the seed packet that she has to hold for us.
Ideas for the garden.
Back home we use the big wok for a communal event cooking such as wedding and such but here it is used as a pot in the garden.
This is really the place that awe me

They utilize the whole space for planting.
Just look at that!
This is actually a combination of variety of plants such as tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, melon, cucumber and eggplant.

To my surprise, the 'hanging garden' actually used the same concept that I wrote in my last post about my dream garden. In fact they take it to another level where they use solar as their source of electricity. They also had a rainbow trout in the pond which could also become another source of food. Go sustainable solution!