Monday, June 17, 2013

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Army of worms

I added worms in both of my growbed and lets see how they can help to improve the health of the plants. Lets hope for the best!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Mid june update

It has been almost a month and a half and things has grown quite well so far (maybe some plant still struggle to grow). My next plan is to introduce worms in my growbed this is to provide a cleaning service of the dead leaves and at the sametime become the supplier of worm casting. If they got sucked into the siphon of doom then they will be the bonus food for the fish.

I noticed that my tilapia love the kangkung leaves, so my plan is to install another growbed to grow kangkung for the fish. Remember few weeks ago I reroute my aircond water purging pipe to a container? It has been doing a good job and I use that water to top up the water loss in the fish tank. So far there is no sign of dying fish and I have been topping up the water since the day I harvest it.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

New fish in the neighbourhood.

My plants has grown and some of them is waiting to be harvest. Lately I have been feeding my tilapia with water spinach (kangkung) leafs plus the bugs that been eating them. That is the first time I feel glad about pest on my plant because it can become the food for the fish and the fish poop can provide food for the plant and the beautiful cycle can just go on. Anyway I noticed that my plant don't have a deep green color leaves but instead they have slightly green and yellowish color. I suspected that the growbed are lack of nitrate. Plus, my fish tank has started to grow algae and one sucker fish is not enough to eat all the algae. I decided to add more reinforcement to the fish tank by introducing 2 bottom feeder fish ( upsidedown catfish) to eat the left overfood and 4 sucker fish to eat the algae. Did a nitrate test on tbe water and as I suspected that the nitrate level is low. Hopefully by adding more fish can help to increase the nitrate level. That would also provide more food to the plants.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Aquaponic weekend

On saturday I practically spend the whole day to setup 2 growbed for my mom. Halfday wasted to find the frame to support the growbed container. At the end of the day I manage to setup 2 growbed enough to plant variaties of plant. That ought to occupy some of her time. I'm sure at this moment she is very anxious to plant as many plant as possible there.

On the other hand, today I added few more plants to my small humble growbed. Like I mentioned in my earlier post I like it to be a vegetable jungle. I introduced ginger, cilantro, pumpkin, curry plant and kangkung (water spinach). So far the plants are doing great and I got the feeling that the fish that I have in my fish tank might not be sufficient enough for the plants. They have to eat extra hard to produce more poop for the plants. Further, my tilapia has gone down from 40 to 10 fishes at the moment.

My next step is to get the system off the grid. To do that I need a solar panel, battery, and inverter. Today I start charging my 12v battery with solar panel and hopefully next week I can start operating the system off grid. That would be my ultimate goal. Lets see how it goes.