Thursday, February 24, 2011

Green reading

It has been a while that I did not read anything on gardening. After save the seed week post by MKG in January it make me realize that it is important that you save your own seed. The posting that MKG did was really an eye opener. From the links in the post it leads me to many other resources. It was very informative and at the same time very overwhelming. So I decided to get myself a book on seed saving. Few bloggers suggested that the book "Seed to seed" is the best. So I did a search for it in the nearby book store and it was not available. However, I found 2 interesting book on sale, one is "Joey Green's Gardening Magic" and another is "Organic Gardening in Australia". Instead of buying the seed to seed book I actually bought both of the book.

Gardening Magic book is actually different from any other gardening book as it has a list of tips on how to use a household product for your garden. One of the example from the book is how to use flour and women sock to kill caterpillar that eat your cabbage. Another tips that really useful is that you can use coke to boost your compost heap. It is very interesting and I thought maybe I can share some useful tips from the book in my future post.

The other book is Organic Gardening. This is a very comprehensive book touches every single aspect of gardening especially the organic way. It does have a section on seed saving but not as much as seed to seed (obviously). I haven't not really finished reading this book yet but it helps to enlighten my knowledge on the area that kinda fuzzy to me.

I personally think that gardener need to read some book once in a while to get some new ideas and information regarding gardening especially in the natural way. Anyway Happy gardening!

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