Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Carrot affair

This is my first experience growing a carrot and I did not start from seed but instead I bought the seedling from the shop. I am aware that to plant a carrot you need a soft soil structure so that the shape will be pointy like a regular carrot. The other day after 2 months I did check on the carrot and surprisingly the head of the carrot has shown. As what I read in the book they said that once you see the head out of the soil then it means that it can be harvested. As excited as I get I carefully dig the soil and the carrot seems to be so loose with the soil. When I finally managed to get it out from the ground my carrot actually looks like a radish instead. This tells me that the soil is not soft enough for the carrot to penetrate through. Though I've watered the soil and make sure that I would not harden but I guess you never know what is going on deep inside the soil.

So based on this experience I make a conclusion. If you cannot control what is inside you can always go upward. My plan is to start sowing in a shallow soil inside a pot and once it grow taller I'll add soil to it a level at a time. This is to ensure that there will always be a soft soil on the top layer and they can always go upward. So lets see how this experiment is going to turn out. ;)


  1. Oh wow, I'll be really interested to see how this turns out.

    I have grown carrots from seeds and from seedlings before, and in my experience the carrots from seeds grew much much better than those from seedlings.

    So it will be interesting to see what happens with yours!

  2. So far the seeds has not sprout yet.. crossing my finger for that.. still a long way to go..

  3. Forky carrots. Too much fertilizer? I experimented growing carrots in clay soil and so far Topweight variety grows allright in heavy soil.

  4. This supposed to be the dutch type. It might be due to too much fertilizer too. Not so sure but if it is so then the dutch must have gotten very fat and lazy to dig through. :)