Friday, February 4, 2011

My vision of vege garden ecosystem

I always have this vision of creating the ecosystem for my dream vegetable garden. It should be a complete end to end system that provide fresh organic fertilizer and a watering system. Which the excess of our garden can be recycle back to the garden.

Back home in Malaysia my mother used to use rabbit dropping as a fertilizer. The best thing about this rabbit dropping is that it can be used straight away without having to cure them first. One thing about rabbit though they basically eat many leaves and sometimes even flowers. So to feed the rabbit we can use the cuttings from our vegetable pruning, weed or maybe the grass clipping (make sure that it is free of poison). Of course you might want to add some rabbit food to top up the leaves that is been used to feed the rabbit. Maybe you would want to reward your rabbit by giving them a whole carrot or even the whole bunch of cabbage that you harvest from your garden?. After all you know that it might just end up back in your garden is a form of fertilizer.

Watering is really crucial to your garden too. So I figure building a pond can help to create a micro climate and also act as the natural watering system tank. Whenever I read article on rainwater harvesting there is always this issue of mosquito. The solution is always put a fish in the tank. I figured instead of using tank why not create the whole pond as the holding tank for the rainwater harvesting and the filtration tank can be modify to become an irrigation tank as well. The best part with this water in the filtration tank is that the water is rich with fish dropping. Which means more good stuff for the garden. Your garden will look pretty with the pond and you can plant some water plant too. Pond would also create a micro climate for your garden.

I can imagine how lushing the vege would be in this kind of setting. Of course in the dream everything will looks nice but until you give it a try you will discover the problem. But I think it is going to work and surely I'll give it a go when I have the opportunity to do it. Until then I should just explore on some other things that I can include as part of my dream garden. A bee hive maybe?

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