Sunday, February 27, 2011

Giant Zucchini!

Almost a month ago I give it a try on manual (hand) pollination on one of my button Zucchini. Since it grows big, I decided to save the seed. I let it grow mature in order to get the seed. Until yesterday I decided to harvest it since it does not grow big anymore. The button Zucchini actually weight about 920 grams which is almost a kilo. We did actually cut it open to get the seed and also did an experimental cooking for this matured Zucchini. It is kinda hard on the outside but soft in the inside. So what we did was peel the skin off and fry the inside with butter. Surprisingly it tasted like a pumpkin but less sweet and the texture is almost like a honeydew. So it is still edible actually.


  1. A very big pattypan squash there. Glad it is still edible at that size.Collecting cucurbits seeds will be difficult for us at the moment might be cross-pollinated cause by the bees which have been visiting regularly. So many varieties at our place so it is a bit tricky.I don't think we made it on time for manual pollination.

  2. Great job huney! Get the other side of the plot ready with more seedlings please.. ;p