Sunday, June 2, 2013

Aquaponic weekend

On saturday I practically spend the whole day to setup 2 growbed for my mom. Halfday wasted to find the frame to support the growbed container. At the end of the day I manage to setup 2 growbed enough to plant variaties of plant. That ought to occupy some of her time. I'm sure at this moment she is very anxious to plant as many plant as possible there.

On the other hand, today I added few more plants to my small humble growbed. Like I mentioned in my earlier post I like it to be a vegetable jungle. I introduced ginger, cilantro, pumpkin, curry plant and kangkung (water spinach). So far the plants are doing great and I got the feeling that the fish that I have in my fish tank might not be sufficient enough for the plants. They have to eat extra hard to produce more poop for the plants. Further, my tilapia has gone down from 40 to 10 fishes at the moment.

My next step is to get the system off the grid. To do that I need a solar panel, battery, and inverter. Today I start charging my 12v battery with solar panel and hopefully next week I can start operating the system off grid. That would be my ultimate goal. Lets see how it goes.

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