Saturday, May 18, 2013

May 18th update

It has been two weeks since I put the tilapia fingerlings to my fish tank. Since then there is almost 15 fingerlings has died (which i suspect) due to starvation and other reasons. Up til now the number has decrease to 15 tilapia. Will keep monitoring my tilapia health.

Anyway, my pump has stopped working due to its broken blade. I reckoned the material used for the blade is low quality. So lesson learned out there dont buy sobo pump. It wont last you long. I got the pump replaced with a new one and lets see how it goes.

There are few new comers on the growbed. My carrot has finally grown. There is a zuchinni or maybe pumpkin, not really sure which one, sprouted from seed. Also there are bunch of tomato cherry plant growing. I need to let go some of the tomato cherry because they do occupied a lot of space. We also intorduce a spring onion which we bought from supermarket. My cucumber has grown quite fast. Oh, I forgot we also put in a curry plat to our growbed. Things are getting pretty good now. Just have to wait for our first harvest.

My next plan is to reroute the pipe from my air cond compressor to the fish tank. By having this when I turn on the AC the water wont be wasted down the drain and I dont have to refill the water everytime.

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