Monday, August 5, 2013

Automation for aquaponic

Lately I got my head on Adruino (opensource electronic prototyping) and I was intrigue to incorporate it as part of my aquaponic. I have ordered my first adruino starter kit from Myduino and can't wait to get my hand dirty on it. My first plan is to develop a monitoring system to study the temperature and moist level of my aquaponic. Later may want to include the auto pump capability to feed the growbed with water on demand (this is to replace the current timer). People has allow their aquaponic to "talk" to them using Adruino and this helped your aquaponic to be efficiently working in it's equilibrium environment. Hopefully lead to much fruitful produce. Here are some example how Adruino is been incorporated into their Aquaponic.

I personally think that automation is essential in today's farming.

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