Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Companion Planting week : Eggplant & Basil

I love the idea of companion planting and the reason why I started gardening is because I learned the fact the right combination of plant can help each other in term of deterring pest, provides some sort of nutrient or to help cultivate the soil. Anyway, of all my companion planting experiences, the one that worked the most is planting basil plant side by side with eggplant. It helps to prevent aphids from attacking your eggplant. I did some experiment and found out that the one without basil plant is heavily infested with aphids while the one beside my basil plant don't even have a single Aphids. So that is my bit of companion planting for now. Happy planting everybody!

Like a perfect couples. It attract the bees while keeping away the aphids
Safely with basil

Infested with aphids!

They are going to eat my chill and garlic juice pretty soon..

For more info on companion planting please check out MKG


  1. Thanks for sharing this great information, cos same is happening in my veggie bed. All the top leaves of my eggplants are infested. You are right, my herb bed with basils planted there are not even touched by grasshoppers! Now I know what to do!

  2. Our eggplants and capsicum are safe too from aphids as it is growing together with basil. What basil is that? Thank you for linking.

  3. p3chandan - I love the sweet smell of basil and most importantly bees love it too!

    MKG - the one that we have is a sweet basil.. we have abundant of seeds from this plant. Do you want some?

  4. great!.. I do have many basil babies ready to be transplanted. The row of eggplants will have companions soon!

  5. I have already pack all the seeds in the envelope. I have put in some other seeds which is not in the companion week give-away as well for you to try. I like to have some sweet basil seeds if you have some to spare. Thanks.

  6. Thanks Diana, I have plenty of sweet basil seed and Don't even know where to keep. I'll send some to you..

  7. Nice blog! what a lovely edible garden u have...I like it!!

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